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Titia M.

Titia first began her classical Pilate’s journey as one of Mia’s regular students. With Mia’s guidance, it was apparent that Pilates was not just an exercise, it was a system of physical and mental conditioning.  As Titia began to deepen her practice and learning, it became clear that this was becoming a way of life for her. Having Mia as her mentor, encouraged her to take her practice one step further. Titia then decided to become certified by a well-respected certification program in Los Angeles.  Teaching had always been her passion, so the transition from student to instructor seemed inevitable. Having studied under Mia, Titia developed a gentle, but strong approach to working both the body and mind. Her goal for her clients is to use the Pilates principles of movement to help them gain a clearer understanding of their practice in order to maximize their results.