Mia Marie Reynoso


Owning and operating Pilates Essence is a dream come true for Marie, a long time veteran of the health and wellness industry. At an early age, the L.A. native knew she wanted to help people look and feel good about in their body.

To that end, Mia Marie Reynoso started out as an esthetician, make-up artist and licensed massage therapist. As a masseuse, she built a devoted following across Southern California and beyond, but ultimately realized she had to make a career change after developing carpal tunnel syndrome.

Between Mia’s love for fitness, her knowledge of human physiology, an entrepreneurial spirit, and the fact that she was already a passionate practitioner of Pilates, her path was clear. Mia sought out the very best certification programs in the Pilates market “Power Pilates” to hone her expertise. She opened her own studio, and transitioned seamlessly into a brand new career, and a brand new way to help people look and feel their best. Today, Marie not only impresses the mantra, “Love, approve, accept yourself” onto her clients, but she lives by it!