Jasmine Gannam

Having grown up a lover of athletics, Jasmine learned to lead an active lifestyle at a young age by participating in a variety of organized and recreational sports. After sustaining a minor shoulder injury, she turned to Pilates for rehabilitation with encouragement from her physical therapist. After only the first few sessions, she was hooked and knew that she had uncovered a lifelong journey of practicing the Pilates method.

The challenge tied to the complete body integration of Pilates, as well as the increased mobility that progressed with each session, left Jasmine humbled and inspired. Her passion for movement deepened which led her to study the Classical Pilates method under a descendant of Romana Kryzanowska.

Her background as an avid Pilates practitioner, along with her continued passion for athletics, biomechanics, and nutrition, guides Jasmine to continuously expand and share her knowledge across the health and fitness spectrum with clients. Her teaching emphasizes the importance of breath, postural integrity, mobility, and strength, leaving clients feeling strong, balanced, and uplifted after each session.