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Noelle White

Noelle White is a Certified Pilates Teacher and has been studying and teaching the classical method created by Joseph Pilates since 2010 and 2013 respectively. She has experience managing a Pilates studio and directing community engagement for a Pilates company.

Noelle was originally introduced to the Pilates method as a form of cross training to improve her dancing as a young adolescent. It wasn’t until she took her first session on the reformer at UC Irvine that she realized the power of this work. Upon working closely with Diane Diefenderfer at UC Irvine, Noelle decided to complete her 450 hour comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training Program at Studio du Corps of Orange County.

Soon after completing her certification she moved to Los Angeles to teach at Equinox and mat classes at local dance studios. Noelle taught and managed a studio with Equinox for over 4 years. She then became the Community Director at Pilates Anytime where she strives to create an exceptional member experience.