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Pilates is like Yoga and weight training combined. With Classical Pilates you work on machines called Reformer, Cadillac, Wunda-Chair, Spine Corrector, ladder barrel etc., etc. These machines give you the resistance you need to create long lean muscles, create space in between your vertebra as well as your joints, give proper blood flow, help improve posture, hip and pelvis stability, broaden the shoulder girdle, strengthen your bones for osteoporosis, etc., etc. These machines leave you feeling at least one inch taller, strong, oxygenated, and energized!

No! Classical Pilates sets the tone to help get you on the right path to whatever your fitness goals are. It is best to start Classical Pilates first before doing anything else. Classical Pilates will help you with your form for other things you may be doing to lose weight, or get in better shape.

With Classical Pilates, and Classical equipment. You will notice immediate results. Depending on your schedule, and your budget. You will see results with doing Pilates one-two times a week. When practicing Classical Pilates no more than two times per week is necessary. Again, this is only by doing Classical Pilates that this theory has been tested and proved by no one else other than the creator himself Mr. Joseph Pilates.

Absolutely! You will have an easier pregnancy, and delivery from doing Classical Pilates. Classical Pilates help strengthen your spine for the extra weight you will carry during pregnancy. You can practice up till the day you give birth. However, the body knows best as when to stop. Most clients go up to eight months before stopping.

For a healthy body it is best to take anywhere from five to ten private sessions before taking semi-privates. For those with injuries. It is best to take only private sessions. At least till the injury is healed.

YES! It is never too late to start Classical Pilates. Mr. Joseph Pilates practiced till he was 86 years old! Please inform your Doctor about taking on Classical Pilates. Your Doctor will be happy to hear this.

Of course. We welcome beginners! This is the perfect place to start. It is best to start with Classical/Traditional Pilates. The Pilates that Mr. Joseph Pilates intended. Not some variation of Pilates. After having done Classical Pilates is when you can venture out, and try other methods. However, it is best to start with Traditional Pilates. Not everyone knows that there is a difference between Classical, and non-Classical. Be the first among your friends to try it. Although, you might find it more challenging, and fun. Classical Pilates will rapidly change your body for the better, and leave you feeling healthier.

You will feel different, and notice improvement in your posture after your first session. You may be slightly sore, but feeling invigorated. It is mystical how Classical Pilates works. Classical Pilates is the reason it has been around since the 1920’s. With Classical teaching, and Classical equipment you are guaranteed to see results immediately!

There are several, but to name a few.

  • Strengthen your core.
  • Improve posture.
  • Increase flexibility.
  • Help with sciatica.
  • Balance and coordination.
  • Injury prevention and rehabilitation.
  • Reduce stress.
  • Help make a connection to the mind, and body.
  • Increased length, and muscle tone.

Classical Pilates originated in New York. Somewhere from NY to LA Pilates has gotten diluted. Non-Classical is more of a variation of Pilates. It’s much slower, and involves a lot of stretching. Where as Classical Pilates is the balance of stretch, strength, stamina, and stability. If there is not a picture of Mr. Joseph Pilates doing an exercise, it’s not Classical Pilates. Be sure to at least give Classical Pilates a shot before trying other methods. You should at least experience the difference. Then, you can decide what is best for you.