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My Pilates Story

Let me begin by telling you how I got introduced to Pilates in 2001.

I was working at the Four Seasons Hotel in Los Angeles at the Spa as a Massage Therapist. A co-worker and friend, Akiko Jernigan, who was their esthetician told me that I needed to try this exercise called Pilates. Pilates back then was not as popular as it is today. From my very first Pilates session I knew it was a good fit for me and my body. It was low impact, personal, and never boring. I knew that Pilates was it for me!

When I first tried Pilates I did not do Classical Pilates. I had a wonderful Pilates teacher, but I also felt like I plateaued after doing Pilates for over one year. I began to search for a studio closer to my home since I was then driving 40 minutes away to the Valley for my Pilates sessions. I stumbled across a Classical Studio with Classical equipment in Beverly Hills. There I was introduced to the New York Method Pilates, or Traditional Pilates. This is the style of Pilates that creator Joseph Pilates intended to be taught.

Don’t get me wrong, and with all due respect to those who teach other methods, they’re all good! However, I teach Classical Pilates, and I am here to tell you there is a difference. Unless you try Classical and Non-Classical you’ll never know the difference. There is a reason that Pilates is being taught all over the world and is considered the number one exercise for rehabilitation and core strengthening. Just something to think about… Till then, good luck on your Pilates journey. It’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey.



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